Disclosure and Request for Accommodations

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Student Information

This form is for new and current Elon University students who are requesting initial accommodations. The form MUST BE completed by the student.

7-digit number that can be found under My Profile in On Track.
Please use your university issued email address
Please enter your first semester of enrollment at Elon University. If you are an incoming student, please enter your first anticipated semester (for example, Fall 2021).

Specific Accommodation Information

Type of DisabilityRequired
Upload supporting document(s)
Are you requesting a housing-related accommodation? If yes, please make sure you and your provider have completed and submitted the housing accommodations request packet (found on the DR website).Required
In the event of an emergency, I will need assistance.Required
DRO will provide student information to Residence Life and Campus Safety in order for university personnel to assist you in emergency situations.